Olive Green Motors located at 37 Liss Road Southsea, Portsmouth are a family owned business with many years of experience with a loyal client base. Olive Green Motors have been offering servicing, MOT’s and mechanical repairs within the Southsea and Portsmouth area for over 60 years. Our air conditioning service offers the most up to date technology and gases, also offering an option of advanced Aromatek vehicle odour eliminator. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty: As an independent vehicle Repairer we often get asked about the servicing and repairs of owners vehicles whilst they are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. The whole area is covered by the Block Exemption Regulations (BER) 2002, which gave motorists almost total freedom of choice in where they buy their new car and where they get it serviced; a fact that generally hasn’t filtered through to the consumer.

We also offer Engine Remaps for economy and power. Olive Green Motors  are also an official supplier of Active8 lubricants which  increases performance and economy. 

Air conditioning servicing

Aromatek vehicle odor eliminator

Local collection and delivery service

Servicing to manufactures specification

Vehicle Diagnostics


Servicing of all makes of vehicle

Welding repairs

Mechanical Repairs

Tuning and injection cleaning

Engine revamps for economy and performance